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Fruit of the experience of the Great Masters from the vast Italian panorama of Religious Crafts, our products are synonymous with quality and value.

  • The Peace Cross

    The mastery of the great Italian Goldsmiths makes our Peace Medal collection a unique model to wear every day.

  • The Miraculous Medal

    Coined in France in 1832, the Miraculous Medal has been the most worn medal in the world for centuries.

  • The Scapular Medal.

    Wearing the Scapular Medal around the neck means ensuring the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary in all the needs of life


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Crosses in Gold

Crosses in Gold

"Wearing a cross or crucifix around your neck must not be just... 

Gold Rosary Beads

Gold Rosary Beads

Incorruptible like the Divine Word, the element of Gold is present in... 

Mondo Cattolico Mosaics Collection

  • Traditional Mosaic

    Mosaic is a millenary art and its composition is the result of the combination of polychrome marble tiles or glass pastes, cut into a regular geometric shape.

  • Micromosaic

    The Micromosaic filato technique was born in Rome in 1750 and is distinguished by the use of glass pastes, which once spun at 800 degrees, will become minute tesserae.

  • The Florentine Mosaic

    Established in the sixteenth century in Florence, it is characterized by semi-precious stones that do not follow precise geometric shapes.


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