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Mondo Cattolico

Mosaic the Brigand

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The painting "Il Brigante" was made by Marco Tacconi with the Florentine Mosaic technique. It is an extraordinary, unique and unrepeatable work. The mosaic is decorated with precious hard and semi-hard polychrome stones, worked manually with a wooden bow, a simple iron wire and a grinder, as per the ancient Florentine tradition.




Marco Tacconi

He was born in Grassina on 19 June 1936. After the end of the war, he abandoned his painting career and began to learn the art of mosaic by working in the workshop of master Giuseppe Fiaschi. He then became a master himself and opened his own workshop in Grassina. Aided by his two sons who were introduced to that same passion, through traditional mosaic techniques dating back to the Renaissance, he succeeded in realising almost unimaginable works. He obtained extraordinary results, faithfully representing natural visions of particular and more difficult elements such as water, hair, skin, eyes... His extraordinary artistic story made him capable of, as his admirers often said, 'painting with stones' to the point of becoming an aesthetic, technical and historical point of reference in the field for all those who learnt and loved 'Florentine mosaics'. His mosaics can be found in numerous celebrity private collections.

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