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Mondo Cattolico

Pliny's Doves Cut Mosaic

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The "Colombe di Plinio" mosaic was made with the cut or traditional mosaic technique by master Salvatore Germanà. The dating of the original mosaic dates back to the 2nd century AD.


10 cm x 14 cm


Salvatore Germanà

Salvatore (Salvo) Germanà was born in Palermo in 1979. He lives with his family in the Brancaccio district, an area known for 'Cosa Nostra'-related events. It is precisely here that the Church, despite the sad events, continues to work on the religious education programme, welcoming young people and taking them off the streets. The young Salvo began to make his first mosaics in this context as a game, taking mystical inspiration from those Churches. This has led him to create mosaics of remarkable beauty. This game will later turn into a true passion and he expanded his mastery and technique of mosaic art. During this period, he moved to Rome, more precisely to the Vatican, to attend mosaic courses. To refine his technique, he went to Ravenna and later returned to Monreale with a wealth of artistic experience. He also carried out works and restorations all over the world and collaborated with Gabriel Meiring in Belgium. Today he lives and works in Monreale, where he takes care of the valuable restoration of the marvellous Cathedral. Given his great talent, we will certainly hear a lot about Master Germanà.

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